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The Secrets of Affiliate Products and Keywords

Finding success in e-commerce can summarized as a the following main theme: Identify the client’s needs and provide an answer to those needs. This includes finding affiliate products and keywords that fit those criteria.

The process of business creation is easy in higher level. But when looking at the details, you need to take several further steps to guarantee success.

First, you need to firmly define a business statement. Make sure that you define this information, and out in a very public location, where you can see it frequently. If you ever happen to stray out of this central theme, this will reflect into a difficulty in reaching a profitable state.

Performing Keyword Research

One way to accelerate your progress, is to perform a careful keyword research. Keyword research may be a good way to determine the prospect’s requirements.

When performing keyword research, it is useful to identify the main phrases used by clients to find answers to their needs. Most people understand this concept, but neglect to perform the actual keyword search.

Some people say they don’t want to pursue rankings for some key words, just because they don’t feature these products or services. However, if ever said this as well, you are most probably ruining you business chances.

The Importance of Keywords

Remember that the first step is to determine our clients’ needs and requirements. If we don’t have services or products that can be easily identified with these needs, then we will determine, through keyword research, what our business should offer.

Once we have made this keyword research, we must then create these products and/or services. A second option is to acquire through third parties these products or services.

Consider that we have a website trying to sell hiking and backpacking gear. Currently, we have backpacks, guide books, tents etc. But, after concluding our key word research, we figured out that our clients will also be interested in hiking journals, in which they will describe and write down their hikes.

Since we don’t have any hiking journals, should we omit these keywords? Of course not.

What you should do it to find one or more suppliers of writing journals and add them to the catalog in your website. Instead of considering this new keyword as irrelevant, you can see this as  new opportunity to enter a market that needs new products. This way, you can expand your product line and create a new revenue stream.

Finding the Customers’ Opinion

When we add new content and products based on keyword research, this shows that we value our prospects, while providing them with answers to all their needs. When we do this, it gives another reason for them to return to your web site over and over again.

One of the hardest concepts for web-masters to understand is the truth that you shouldn’t design your website predicated on your own opinion of your industry. Instead, your clients should design it.

With this, you can see the high value of employing keyword research. You can use this research to determine products and/or services that you will offer.

Very often, with some keyword research you can find some unique angles relating to your business that you would never have thought of yourself. Recognize and utilize this to your advantage to better fulfill market demand.

You should discover what your prospects are looking for and ignore anything else. Follow this advice and your website will become a cash machine.

The Front and Back of Sales Funnels

The sales funnel is really a methodical marketing procedure where you systematically qualify your prospects in to clients. Additionally, you can use this method to convert them into hyper-responsive clients.

Your client base is focused as your get higher bottom line increases, and as you provide more expensive products to your hyper-responsive followers.

The front-end may be the most dynamic facet of your sales funnel and the part that needs continuous experimentation. You will find, literally, endless front-end methods, restricted purely by your imagination and resources.

The focus at your front end would be to attract and qualify people who possess an inclination to buy your items further down the sales funnel.

Qualifying Your Clients

Generally, the qualification process occurs whenever a person opts-in to get something from you. It’s this opt in stage that converts your every day web surfer right into a lead. Because they’ve just carried out an action indicating that they, at the very least, they possess some desire to have what you’ve got.

There are all types of front end marketing tools: becoming a member of a contact newsletter, subscribing to a weblog via RSS or email notifications, opting-in together with your name and email to down-load a complimentary report, registering for a totally free on-line service or ticking a box to get more information in regards to a product / topic when subscribing to something (co-registration).

The front end involves attracting attention and enticing people in to the sales funnel. But, generally, it’s in the back end where, in fact, the profits are created.

Your back end generally consists of your more expensive items. Here, we’re referring to meeting exactly the same demand in a certain niche, just with alternative media. This may include information products distributed via audio, visually, live or privately.

Front End and Back End

The particular distinction between your front end and the back end is about the kind of customer and the cost paid.

In the back end, all of your clients have travelled through the front end, tried your complimentary materials, bought a basic level service or product and also have experienced substantial value from what you’ve offered. So much so, that they’re wanting to purchase again from you.

It’s common that only a tiny percent, say 1-2%, of the entire people entering your front end will end up in the back end. That’s ok, because that small group are spending a lot of money. While front end products and services may cost under $100, back end products are often priced in the hundreds or thousands.

The back end is the main profit source for business since it is stable and predictable and this is the major reason for establishing a back end to begin with.