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3 Ways to Make Money on Your Spare Time

After looking at the available opportunities for money generation on the web, you may well decide that you want to take part of the action. However, you probably don’t want to give up on your day job for several reasons: maybe you have a lot of debt to pay off, or maybe you just like your job… Who knows.

Whatever your situation, you need to understand that making money on the web is no an all-or-nothing proposition. You may decide to pursue it as an additional source of income, without strings attached and without reporting to anyone. This is all right, and it is an important advantage of the web-related business: you can decide when to work, or for how long, without having to follow directions from anyone else.

I have a few suggestions that you can use in creating a side-business in the web. It doesn’t need to take all of your time, and you may make a lot of money as a result. You just need to be committed and to work in things that you really like and are of use for others.

Promoting other People’s Products

Start promoting somebody else’s product. A simple avenue for wealth generation on the web is promoting someone else’s product. It is the easiest way to start, because you don’t need to spend all the effort necessary to create a new product. Even though creating a new product is not as hard as it seems, it may require some knowledge that you still don’t have.

To avoid this “chicken and egg” problem, you may decide just to promote a product that already exists. And there are lots of example of people that became wealthy by just promoting products that they didn’t create. You can just find something that you believe is a good product, then promote that product to the people that you already know or that you are connected to.

Creating a Web Site

A second way of making money is to start a web site about a topic that you care about. Suppose that you like to collect stamps. There may already be a lot of different sites with this purpose, but you can always find a new way of talking about this subject. For example, you may be interested in writing about “postal stamps from England during the 80s”.

This is a topic that is small enough for you to make a difference, and probably large enough that people will get interested in it. The format of the web site is something that you can decide, but the easiest way is to start a blog. Blog software is free, and easy to install. Moreover, with a blog you don’t need to worry the design, because there are so many free designs for blogs, such as wordpress.

Writing for Profit

The last suggestion I have for you to make money on your free time is to start a service that to write reports and other technical documents on a specific subject. Suppose, for example, that you have training in accounting. There are lots of accounting companies that need to create white papers, reports, and content to their web sites. If you already know a few accounting companies, you can advertise your services to them.

Technical writing is an area that has a lot of opportunities. While there is a huge number of new companies being created every day, there are relatively few people that specializes in creating content for them. A good technical writer can work from anywhere and at any time. Depending on the amount of contracts, you can make a lot of extra money.


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