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7 Ways to Create Residual Income

Residual income is money that is generated in a way that is independent of our own efforts. In that way, residual income should be viewed as the opposite of working, because it will provide you with income even if you are on vacation or sleeping. Most wageworkers, on the other hand, have to exchange time for money.

A job can give you even a lot of money, but it depends of your presence. Without you going every morning to do your job, there is no money. This is not a good way to make a living. If what you are interested in is safety, a job gives you very little.

Also, a job is severely limited in the amount of money you can make. Even if you are very good at what you do, you still need to get a raise from you employer in order to make more money.

That’s why residual income is the best way to make money. You should strive to create a source of money that is independent of yourself and generate income even if you are sleeping.

Here is just a quick list of things you can do to generate residual income:

  1. Business: the primary way for someone to get rich is to create a business. A business generates residual income in the moment you can keep it without working on it every day. Most small companies do not generate residual income, but they could, and this is what you should strive for.

  2. Books: A book can generate residual income because it can be sold independently of the writer. And each time it is sold, a book generates more income for its author.

  3. Web sites: a web site is similar to a book in which you can generate income independent of your efforts.

  4. Real state: a property can be used as a money-generating machine. You can collect rent indefinitely on such a property, and have it generating a fortune for you.

  5. Dividend producing stocks: some stocks also pay dividends. While they are not as high as other types of dividends, they also have an upside when the market is improving.

  6. Bonds: a bond can generate guaranteed income. They can be used to provide a fixed income for life for it owners. Most retired people depend on bonds to generate income.

  7. Songs: if you can write music, you can create songs that generate royalties when they are recorded, reproduced, or played in a movie.

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