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Am I Printing Money?

Money is a more of a concept than a concrete element. For example, most people have never touched the money they have, because it is all stocked somewhere in a bank account. Of course, the bank also doesn’t stock the money every has, and from that you see that most money exists only as a figure in a computer.

What that number is, can change depending on the things that you do. For example, if you’re just trying to live a life beyond your means, the number will always be negative. The more you work, less opportunities you will have to make up for the number that is getting more and more negative.

On the other hand, if you have a correct attitude towards money, you counter will always be positive and growing. This is the kind of life where, no matter what you do, your resources are increasing and you are becoming wealthier.

Money-Printing Mindset

That is what I call the printing money mindset. It is the kind of stage in life when you don’t have to worry about simply running out of money. Money will be flowing to you in such a large volume that there will be no need to worry about if it is there or not.

Most people think that the secret of living a good life is just getting a good job and spending all the money from that job in the things you want to buy. There is a big problem with this reasoning, however, because working hard may not be enough to maintain your lifestyle, if you want to spend too much money.

The truth is that is may not possible to cover everything that you want to spend, ever. The solution is not just to make more money, but to adjust your life so that you can one day print money, instead of losing money every day.

Printing money involves ordering your life in a better way, consuming the things that you enjoy, and avoid giving your money away when not necessary.

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