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Correlation Between Work and Profits

Working is one of the best things you can do for yourself and society. However, I truly believe that work should be done for the fun of it, for the things that you like and feel are important.

However, society insists in telling people that they should work because it is they duty… And that if you don’t work, you shouldn’t get any money.

Why this should be true if the world is rich? If you have a fortune, you don’t need to work. Everything can be taken of. And, given the wealth of our society, everyone could do the same.

The correlation between work, specially hard work, and profits is completely false. Most of the top earners in the world don’t need to do anything else to make money. However, they continue to make profits nonetheless.

Look, for example, at Bill Gates. He is the typical example that, once you get money, you can spend your life doing more meaningful things, such as helping the poor and uneducated.

However, working or not, his fortune is always increasing. Just yesterday I read that he made billions of dollars during the last year alone!

You too can achieve, maybe not billions, but more than enough to live a happy and productive life without the need to work. You just need to use your knowledge and imagination to provide value that will be rewarded again and again.

This is the best way to achieve profits, a way that you can truly enjoy!

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