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Creating a Business that Represents You

“What is the best way to open a lucrative business?” This is the question that I often receive from entrepreneurs, even before they start any activity in their careers. Whenever I hear this, I just tell to my clients that this is usually the wrong question to ask.

The reason is that every business is different. Every person is also different, so you cannot expect that the same solutions will work.

The best way to achieve your goals is to embrace the differences and create a product or business that is unique and has your face on it. Start small, test things that are interesting for you, and use this opportunity to learn about what you like in business and in life.

Once people see your enthusiasm and understand your business proposition, money will flow easily into your account. You will not be chasing money, but the opportunities will be following you. All of this because you are now in control, doing something that you love, instead of being obligated to do something that you don’t like. Think about this difference.

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