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Education and Wealth go Together

In the path to conquer wealth, education is one of the main allies that one may count on. As has been said, one can lose all the money he has, but what he knows continues forever with him.

That is why learning about a particular business is so important: connections and knowledge about a particular business is what will make you successful and give you the potential to generating a huge income.

Financial Education and General Education

Although general education is important everywhere, a lot of people lack the important understanding of financial education. Being financially educated is vital to acquiring wealth. However, people consider that this kind of education is not necessary.

For example, I know some people that have graduate degrees and spent several years in school. However, they don’t even know how their 401Ks work, and take little advantage of it. As a result, such people are easy prey for professionals that make money at their expenses.

And notice that this is not occurring for a lack of general education. Imagine what happens in the other side of the spectrum: for people that barely went to school, learning the how the financial world works seems completely out of their reality.

The good thing is that little formal education is really necessary to excel at business. While it is true that high finance as done at many Wall Street firm is sophisticated, most people don’t need more than simple arithmetic skills to get rich. The most important part of financial education is awareness and desire to succeed.

Financial education is especially valuable when applied to a particular field. For example, if you are in the restaurant business, you need to learn everything you possibly can about how the business work: what clients want, how to attract them, or how to buy the right ingredients. When you become an expert in these aspects of the business, from creating a product to raising money, you can dominate the market even when conditions are difficult. A smart entrepreneur can use his or her relationships and knowledge to create even more money this way.

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