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How To Improve Your Money Generating Skills

When we want to develop a certain skill, be it in the arts or science, we start a particular training program to improve our abilities. For example, a young basketball player you spend several hours per day trying to improving his basic skills. In the same way, a stock trader will try to improve his trading abilities doing a large number of small trades, until he “gets” the basics of the activity.

However, when it comes to making money and wealth generation, we don’t treat this as a learned skill. People think that you are born an entrepreneur or not, when in fact nothing can be further from the truth.

How to Learn to Make Money

Learning to create businesses can be taught, as long as a person is willing to do the required work. It may take time to figure out how to do product creation and marketing, for example, but once you learn how this works you can apply the skill anywhere.

The sad thing is that people stop doing things without even trying it first. It is like saying you don’t like chocolate without having even tried it. It is incredible! But people do this everyday with their money generating abilities. They say to themselves: this is something that I cannot do, I would never like to have a company with several employees… And this will create barriers that are artificial.

While there is no guarantee that you will became millionaire from doing one business, it is important to understand that generating your own money  has several advantages.

First of all, you are not an indentured slave in a job. What happens if your company is not there tomorrow, or next year? What kind of security you have if you cannot decide the next step in your career? You boss is the person making the decisions for you, is most cases.

When you decide to make money for yourself, on the other hand, you learn not only a particular skill, but also how to take charge of your destiny. You can create any business you want, based on your own desires, not something that others have imposed to you. Moreover, once you create your own business, you have the control over the money it generates.

For example, can you increase your bonus for the next year? Most probably not, because your boss is taking the decisions, which may be unfair depending on how much time you are spending. However, if you learn money generation skills you will be able to give your own salary increases, by just selling more products in the market.

Practicing Your Skils

To increase your wealth generation skills, you need only to practice them. Start with a small business. Internet business are the perfect stage for this phase, because you can start one with little risk, and then grow the business as you work more towards building it.

Then, another step is to work on your business full time — or, better yet, the time you would like to work. In this phase, you will be able to make a full time living from your online business. Then, you can progress to start other companies and businesses, if you so desire.

At the end of this process, you will start to achieve freedom, thanks to your own effort and money generating skills. You will have learned something really useful this time!

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