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How to Increase your Salary

Getting a better salary is a goal for almost everyone. However, few people create a concrete plan to get the salary increase they need. Without a plan, it is much harder to get a better salary, especially in the very competitive business environment in which we live.

Remember, the right way to get a salary increase is to show that you really deserve it. No serious company your give you a better salary just because you need it. Everyone needs as much money as they can get, so this is not really a good justification.

Here are few ideas about how you can go about getting a better salary. It is not just a matter of asking, but also creating the value that will ultimately translate into more money for you and your family. These ideas will certainly not only help your to get a better salary, but also take you to the next level as a professional.

Improve your skills

Another way to get more out of your job is improving your skills. When you add to your skill, you become more valuable to your company, and therefore you will be able to command much more money than someone that just stopped growing.

There are several ways in which you can improve your skills. You can do this in a formal way, through university courses, seminars, or workshops, for example. You can also improve your skill in informal ways, such as reading books and magazines in on your area, or doing something by yourself.

Explain to your employer why it is important that you have a salary increase
Sometimes, even after giving more to your company, and improving your skills, there is still resistance for a salary increase. This can be due to several reasons, such as economical problems in your industry, or other market conditions. For example, in some industries the average salary can grow slowly, due to large supply of workers.

You have to understand these issues, but you also need to make your employer aware of the value you are providing for the company. If you can make the case of why you are important, and what you can provide in your job, your boss you be much more at easy in deciding on a salary increase. He may just be needing a explanation of the reasons why your really deserve a salary increase.

Explore new business areas

Remember that everyone is an entrepreneur. You just need to explore your skills and passions to find the areas where you can setup business. If all your efforts to get a better salary are not enough to warrant the money you think you deserve, a better way to achieve this goal

Have your own business is this is also the next logical step in a succesful professional career. You will be able to use your skills and passions to the full extent when you find a bussines that is aligned with your core values.

And, the most important regarding compesation, when you have your business you are your own boss, and you give a raise whenever you want. You just need to work to make your business successful, and all your customers will be working towards your goals — a win-win situation.

Add more value in your job

Most people are trying to get more money for them, but they forget that the ones with power to give you an increase or a promotion are not worried about your life standards, as they are worried about the business. Ultimately, to get more from your job you need to give more to your job. You have to learn to be indispensable, and provide much more value than you are really taking from the company.

When you start thinking with the mind of the employer, you will see that the only reason to get a salary increase is to give more value in your job. You should start then thinking about how to accomplish this: how to make your company better, how to attract more customers, how to improve whatever product you create. If you are able to do one of these things, instead of just doing your work 9 to 5, then you will become a truly valuable employee.

The other thing you also need, is to show your employer that you provide this value. Be proactive, not only in providing value to the company, but also in showing your bosses what you have done — so that you can be properly recognized by your efforts.

If you are able to provide more to your company, and also showing to your bosses that you are doing so, you will not only get all the money you need: you will also become an indispensable employee, which is a much better position to be in.

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