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How to Make Big Money from Small Change

It is possible to make a fortune with big investments, such as real estate, energy, and hotels. However, what few people learn, is that it is also possible to make lots of money by going small. In fact, it is just as easy to make money from small amounts then from big investments.

For example, consider the humble candy. You can buy one for a few cents, and it is so affordable that any person can have one. However, there are huge fortunes that have been created by smart entrepreneurs selling candy. Some companies that create and distribute candy have become big corporations.

Starting Small

In the same way, you can start making lots of money by starting small. How small? If every one of your clients pay you only $1, you still can make a huge fortune. Just think that there are 6 billion people in the world! Moreover, from the people that would be interested in your product, a lot will buy not only once, but several time.

In fact, there are several ways to make small quantities matter, and turn them to your favor:


Getting just a few cents doesn’t sound very good, but if you can repeat this process several times, then you can make a lot of money. If a client like your product or service, this can just happens. The same person may buy your product several times, and the total money spent in your web site may become a lot. Repeated business is the best one, because you need to sell only once. You client you use your product several times just because he or she likes it.

Product Reach

Your client may not buy repeatedly, but you may be selling something that a lot of people are interested. In a country like ours, even if you are of interest for just a fraction of people you may end up with millions of clients. If you consider other countries, the number is even bigger.

You can create a product that will generate a lot of interest and end up making millions — even though payment is small.

As you see, selling inexpensive products may be a good way of doing business. After all, it may be just a start, because you can create many other products with prices a little higher, once you have a client to sell. You just need to be creative and start selling your products!


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