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How to Make Money Creating Ebooks

The market for web-based information is growing every year. While this happens, the traditionl market for books seems to be going through great transformations.

Just the other day I hear that Amazon has for the first time sold more eBooks than hard cover books. This is astounding news for producers of digital content. It shows how fast demand is growing for this segment.

The good thing about electronic books is that they are not ruled by big companies, as is the case for physical books. To be sold on a big bookstore, you need to be writing for a big publisher.

And even then there is no guarantee of success, because publishers won’t do anything to help the sales of your
book, unless you are already famous.

The picture is completely different with eBooks: you have all the work of writing and marketing, but you also keep all profits! You can sell less than 10% of what a normal book would sell, and still make the same (or more) money.

What is more, eBooks can sell for even higher prices than normal books. This is because you can create more specific titles that wouldn’t be available in a normal bookstore. If your title is very specific, it can sell for much higher than a normal paperback – usually from $20 up to $60 or more.

And an eBook can be just the beginning or your process to create content in a specific niche.

If you want to know more about how to do this, I just created an eBook that explains this and much more about web market. You can click here and see for yourself how this market can be a quick entry point to your success in business.

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