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How to Start a Business without Money

Everyone wants to start a business and make money. However, very few actually take the necessary steps to achieves the desired security and independence provided by a business.

If you ask the main reason why people are not starting work on their dreams, most will say that they have no money to start. In fact, almost everyone believes that having money is a necessary and required step to start a business, and that without a millionaire investment you cannot create your own company.

This perception is made much more acute by what we read on magazines and newspapers. It seems that every interesting business is started by someone that has money or that received investment from someone else.

Reality of Money Generation

What most people don’t understand, however, is that every business has a start when no money was available. Save from someone that inherited a lot of money or won the lottery, nobody has free money to invest in a business. Even rich people will start business with somebody else’s money, if possible.

Which means that there is a lot that can be done even if you don’t have capital to invest in your ideas.

Even better, you can start a business that require little capital to work. Even though you might think this is not possible, there are several businesses that can be started with very little. For a traditional example, consider consulting: you can start just with a few business cards and phone calls. All you need is your knowledge and the desire to find clients.

Another example is web businesses. With a few dollars you can buy a web domain and start your own web site. If you decide not to register a domain, you can even start it for free! This is a cheap way of starting a business…

Despite this, web businesses are among the fastest growing segments of our economy. You can literally make millions starting with very little, if you work on a web business.

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