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Look for what your clients want

The biggest mistake most producers of web content commit is to disregard what the market wants. Many people are driven instead by the idea that “if you build they will come”.

Most of the time this isn’t true, however. This mentality has made entrepreneurs to spend millions of dollars in projects that had no economical return.

The best way to go about this is to build what users want first. If you build what your customers will buy, there is practically no need for marketing. They will just buy you products off the bat.

The main reason for failure in new projects is creating something that nobody wants. If you build what people want to have, you have already discarded the major reason for failure for young companies.

There are several ways to learn what users want. The first, is looking at what is successful right now. Then, create a product that delivers that with a particular twist — this will avoid the perception of a “me too” product.

The other way is to talk to customers, for example at user forums. This is a simple and effective way of learning what you customers want to buy right now.

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