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Making Money Easily

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One of the main delusions maintained by people that are broken is that making money is complicated. They believe that, to make a lot of money you must be some kind of genius, who is able to predict the future or someone who is capable of incredible feats of force and intelligence.

That is the main reason for the myths that exist around people such as Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and other billionaires. They are viewed as someone capable of doing impossible things, almost as demi-gods.

Well, this kind of thinking is exactly what keeps people from making any money. They tell themselves that it most be very difficult to have their own business, so it is better to scrap by and keep working as an employee — preferably for a big company.

The reality, however, is very different. There is nothing special about somebody rich other than the fact that they use money to make money. That is all of it.

A business owner uses money to pay for people to work for him. An investor uses money to generate more money in the form of interest or dividends. A real estate developer uses money to create new buildings and to pay salespeople to make the sales.

Although there is a lot of work involved in this, it is not the work that generates the money — it is money itself that generates it.

When you try to make money, always remember that money generates more money. Your work is just to coordinate the means for this to happen.

Knowing this is important, because it will lead you to new uses of your own money. Instead of wasting it, use your money wisely to generate more money for you, and you will be rich the easy way!

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