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Pay Yourself First With Your Time

A long time ago people started to understand that paying yourself first is the best way to achieve your financial goals. Saving some of the money from salary is a possible way to improve our savings, and even become a millionaire.

What many people forget, however, is that a similar law also works when you consider your time. Time is money, but it is even more than that, because you can make a lot of money with your time. Also, everyone has the same amount of time, so you need to use time wisely.

To avoid getting poor use of your most valuable asset, your time, you should employ a similar tactic with your schedule. Always pay yourself first with your time. That is, everyday do something that will benefit yourself.

Losing Control of Time

How many of us have to work on a job to make money. By doing this, however, we are trading our most precious asset for a fixed amount of money.

Having a job may be necessary sometimes. But even then you can make use of your time in a wise way. For example, you can dedicate at least a few minutes per day of high quality work to your most important projects.

The project can be anything from a book to learning a foreign language or writing a blog. However, if you dedicate the time to something that is yours, as opposed to somebody else’s project or company, you’re creating a better future.

Learn to use your time wisely, and you will see that more and more money will become available to you, even when you work the same ours. The truth about wealth is that money is unlimited, while everyone has the same amount of time. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

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