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How to get rich online

A few days ago a large crowd was standing in the door of the local lottery office to buy tickets. The price, more than $500 millions, was the largest ever given in history.

When such a large sum of money is on the line, you can guarantee that there will be many people looking for an opportunity to make it big. They will spend money, stay in line, and do whatever it takes to get a chance to claim the price.

The sad thing is, the probability of making money on the lottery is very, very small. From the hundreds of millions of tickets sold, only two people ended up making a fortune. Everybody else just lost money and time in the process.

The odds are so small, that it would be easier to be killed in the way to the lottery than making a fortune…

Thankfully, the lottery is not the only way to get rich. Many other ways exist, as most of the fortunes in this country have been make the traditional way: with a business. This means that your chance to get rich online is much higher that the chance of winning the lottery: and this is a great thing.

Another problem with the lottery style of winning is that you don’t have an advantage over anybody else. It is dictated by sheer luck. In the online world, you can count on your intelligence and willingness to work.

Getting rich online is the best way to do it, unless you are incredibly luck.

It is much better to use your time and knowledge to create online products, help people on the process, and achieving your dreams as a result. This is my preferred way of getting rich.

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