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Selling Your Ideas on the Internet

In the past, people had to work hard to survive, doing things like farming, hunting, and mining. It was difficult to achieve wealth, because this usually required to use force against others — effectively making them work for you. But the world has changed a lot, and nowadays we can make money with anything that can be of interest to others: may it be products, services, and even ideas.

That is right, specially with the Internet to help with providing a distribution medium for ideas. You can now have an idea and quickly transform it into a product in little time, while at the same time living life in the way you decide.

For example, here are a number of ways you can transform you ideas into money through the web:


One of the most common way of transforming ideas into money is writing a book. It may take some time to write a complete book, but after it is done you can sell it over and over again. It is one of the best ways to have your ideas known, because you can sell so many of these books at a small price.

A few years ago, publishing a book involved a lot of leg work, contacting publishers and other people that could be interested in your work. This is not the truth anymore. With the appearance of on-demand publishers, you can have a book out there in no time. You just need to sign up for one of these on-demand companies and provide your manuscript. They will take care of anything, from cover to online promotion, sometimes even for free.

Web Sites

An even more effective way of selling your ideas is to start a web site. With a web site you can create content as you have time — there is no need to write a whole book at the beginning. A web site provides a mean for a conversation with clients. That is why blogs have become so important: you can discuss with clients what they think of your ideas and improve based on these suggestions.

The easiest way to start a web site is to create a blog, using a platform such as wordpress. It is easy, and you can have the web site running in as little as a few hours. Don’t forget to buy a domain name that represent your idea to make it easier to find by search engines. A lot of registrar companies sell web domains for as little as $5.

Mailing Lists

Another quick way to disseminate and make money from your ideas in the web is to create a mailing list. A mailing list is a way o sending messages to a list of interested people. For example, if you are considering to sell your idea of a new diet, you can create a mailing list that will distribute that information.

Promote the mailing list, and have people enrolled on it. Also, keep sending information regularly to the subscribers. You will be able to have a conversion with them through your list. Also, you will have the opportunity to advertise your products, or even sell space for others to advertise. It is a win-win situation, because you’re providing something of values, but also making money on advertisement.


Selling your ideas has never been easier. With the web, one can have several ways to reach people that might have interest on your ideas. You can benefit them with the information you’re selling, but at the same time you will be making money and living a very good lifestyle, thanks to the impact of your ideas.

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