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The Right Time to Start a Business

Many people that want to start their own business have questions about the exact timing for the start of their activities. After all, starting a business is an important decision that should be taken with full consideration. Or maybe not?…

If you are one of these people, it is important to stress that starting a business is not what it used to be. Maybe 20 or 30 years ago it was very difficult and expensive to open a new business. But let me tell you a little secret: this is not the case anymore.

In fact, it is getting easier and easier to start a business in almost any area. The current technologies makes it possible to create a great business with a small investment

With the new technologies available, it is possible to create a business in a way that is faster and easier than it was ever possible.

But it still requires commitment and the desire to succeed. This is the main ingredient that is missing to many people, and the reason why they are still enslaved in a 9 to 5 job.

How to Start

The simple answer is that you just need to start. Do something. You don’t need to work 10h per day in the new business, so if you can spend only a few hours per week that is fine. As long as there is commitment and passion, you will continue improving your business, until the point when you can leave behind the day job.

Many people don’t do this because they want to find some excuse not to start. So, for example, they tell to themselves that if you are working just one hour per day, you are not committed to the business. In their heads, they believe that to be committed to the business it is necessary to work the whole day on it.

Recognize that, thinking like this, you are just requiring a new, complex decision: you can start a business only if you take the major risk or eliminating your day job. What a difficult situation to be in for most people…

Smart entrepreneurs know what is needed to start: an idea, and the desire to do something. All else is an excuse.

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