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Why Making Money In a Job is Hard

Some people wonder why it is so hard to make money in a job. They spend many hours doing the work, and try to give the best of themselves, but still they cannot go ahead. It seems like the more they work the less they get as a result.

Whenever this happens, you should understand that you are probably working against something that is holding you back. Either you are not working on things that you know and can handle, or you are being held by a situation that works against you.

In a job there are many such situations, and you need to identify them free yourself from these influences. You need to identify each problem that represents an obstacle in wealthy building.

Unfair Competition

First, let me ask you a question. Suppose you have a job at a company where you and the champion of NASCAR work at the same department. You both do the same work, with the same managers and colleagues. However, at the end of the year, the promotions are decided in the following way: everyone in the department is given an identical car and you have to race. The winner is given a promotion.

Now, tell me who do you think is going to win promotions and accolades at your company year after year? Unless you are a super start driver, I am pretty sure that it won’t be you! Not either one of your colleagues other than the race driver…

This example seem a little unreal, but if you check carefully it is not far from reality. Most promotions in the real world are given for abilities that have nothing to do if the job. It is either because the person has an easier personality, or better leadership skills, or knows more people than you. All of these have nothing to do with how much effort you’re really making in the job.

If you lack the ability that is considered important to get a promotion, you are in a big disadvantage. Can you compete with the NASCAR champion? Well, you may try. With a huge amount of training you can get even close. However, there is no question that the driver has natural abilities that will take very long to master. Why playing the same game, to begin with?

Getting to the Top in Your Own Terms

It is true that some people will get to the top of an organization and become CEOs, making millions on the way. However, this is mostly at the expenses of people that have no such abilities such as social connections and extraordinary communication skills.

Even if you cannot compete on these skills, you can still make a fortune by avoid the direct competition. Instead, be the owner of the business, and have such people working for you. If you really want to become rich, you have to learn to go around obstacles, not trying to remove the obstacles by force. You should use the easiest method to achieve your goals, because this is the most natural one.

Instead of forcing yourself to make money on a job, you can instead get in the flow of having money coming to you.

In a company, you have a group of people that competing with you, and in a sense working against you. In your own company, you are selecting a group of people that will work for you. What do you think is the most desirable situation? Instead of convincing somebody else to give you a raise, you can define your own raise. This is a much more powerful situation.


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