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You Need Money to Make Money Myth

One of the most pervasive money lies is the one that says that you need money to make money. The idea goes that if you don’t have money there are no opportunities to make more income.

For many, what this means is that you need to accept your current situation of not having enough to live bye. Even if you have enough money, this idea seem to say that if you will probably never be rich, because it takes a lot of money to make a lot of money…

Well, anyone that has ever created a business knows that this is completely unrealistic. You don’t need to have a fortune to start. In fact, some people have started with zero and have created huge fortunes from that.

The main problem is that people don’t understand the nature of creating a business. It is not about taking huge risks and put money that you don’t have on the line. It is about using your knowledge and effort to create something that will be useful to others.

The best example of this is creating businesses on the web. You don’t need a million dollars to build a site, create content, and attract people to your work. It just takes willingness to do the work.

An account in a web provider can be have for $5 per month. This is money that anyone can afford. Then, you need to create a web site using free tools. For example, wordpress is free, there is no charge to create a web site or blog.

The most valuable part of the process is your input. It is the time to create posts, contact customers, develop products. All of this is free for you (at least if you do it in your free time). And the result may be a million dollar business.

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