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How to Turn Little Money Into a Fortune

Making money in the current economy is often thought as difficult or even extremely hard. The reality, however, is that despite the economic situation there are thousands of ways of making money.

If you need reassurance about this fact, just look at any list of companies in America. You will see literally thousands of different companies and industries, each one with a different way of making money. What these companies have in common, however, is that they are working to create value and profit in the market. The same thing you can do, once you have the proper mindset.

Remember that most fortunes are in fact made of small values accumulated millions of time through sales or during a long time.

Most people make the mistake of discarding small quantities, “pocket money”. While this seems to make little difference, the smart investor will understand that even the smallest change can become a lot of money over time.

First of all, even small quantities may become huge in an expanding market. For example, candy is in general less than $1. However, several people became rich selling candy.

In the same way, if you take a small quantity regularly and invest it, you will end up with a lot of money.

Money adds up, and interest compounds. These two forces are sufficient to explain a lot of fortunes. You can become a millionaire either by selling a lot of products for small amounts, or by saving little quantities throughout a long time. The sooner you start, the better.


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