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Zero Friction Marketing

Zero Friction Marketing is a new method for making money online. As you know, there are thousands of ways to make money on the web. As the web evolves, you also need to learn new methods to capture this money, or you may left behind.

This is why Saj P and Philip Mansour decided to launch the zero friction marketing package. They are putting together the best of what they have been doing in terms of affiliate marketing using CPA and less well known pay per click networks.

The result is a ground breaking course that will be of value not only for someone starting on Internet Marketing, but even to people with large experience in other areas of IM.

These two guys (Saj P and Philip Mansour) have been making so much money from the web that I believe any information they can share with us is of great help. Many people stumble to find ways to make money online, when in fact it is easy once you understand the proper ways to do so.

The advantage of CPA (cost per action) is that you don’t need to have your visitors buying anything. They just need to take some action, such as voting on a survey, or sending an email address. It is easy way to make money, because you don’t require people to take the credit card from the wallet and make a purchase. You make money anyway.

I recommend you to go ahead and take a look at zero friction marketing. I am sure you will make lots of money with all the information available in this course.

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