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Becoming Millionaire in your Free Time

Making money, especially a lot of it, is perceived by society as a difficult task, that requires a lot of hard work to be accomplished. In the view of most middle class people, the only possibility they have of making a million dollars is either wining the lottery or working hard during 40 years and saving every penny.

What most people fail to recognize is that there are thousands of opportunities that can turn into million dollar business and that don’t even require so much work. For example, it is possible to create a business that does well and, after a few years of work, will generate cash without much extra work involved.

A traditional example of this is in the construction industry: if you build a house, you can rent it effectively forever, receiving monthly payments for something that you did only once. A modern example is putting your money on high yield investments. You will be payed every month just for money that your invest many years ago.

Make Money Without Maintenance

This list of little maintenance money generators goes on and on. You can decide to do it the hard way, working in the same job for years and years, or using opportunities that you have to build value that will pay you over and over again.

A good example of working once and making millions as a result is writing a book. You may think that this is a difficult task, but nowadays almost anyone can write a book — if you put the initial effort that is necessary to finish one. However, once you have a book you can spend the rest of your life (literally), just promoting it and being paid by the work that you did only once.

A lot of people get even smarter about this and write a lot of books. This is the way a few people got famous. For example, Suze Orman writes lots of books and is payed for them day and night. Others have repeated this strategy and are getting similar results.

Using Information as Your Bank Account

Which brings us to another way of doing the same, a method that is better suited to our times. Instead of spending a lot of time writing books, you can start small, but essentially do the same strategy. The simplest thing to do is to create a web site about a particular topic, and start to add information to it. You can do this by just publishing articles, or single posts about a subject.

The nice thing of this strategy is that you are slowly building an audience for what you want to say. People will start to visit your web site frequently, and you will build momentum as the person that knows something about a particular topic. This is the best way of reaching people in your area, because with time they will start to recognize you as someone active in the field, and try to get your opinion on particular topics.

Your web site can sell products that are related to the topics you write about, and make a nice profits from your passion. The advantage is that you now have an asset that will generate returns to you even after you stopped creating it. As in the case of the house builder, you will receive money for something that you did only once. As in the case of the investor, you will receive dividends for a web site that you created a long time ago.

Becoming millionaire without hard effort is possible. You don’t need to work 8 hours a day to achieve true wealth, but you need to be wiling to experiment and use the opportunity you have at your disposal. The web is one of the best opportunities available in our generation. It is a matter of using it and generate wealth that you can count on even when you don’t want to work.

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