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Deep Linking and Affiliate Linking as Content

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Deep linking and affiliate linking is another very useful SEO technique. The term refers to linking to an inner page of an  website rather than homepage.

When doing this, you can show to search engines that certain parts of a web page target different keywords.

What is Deep Linking?

Deep linking is the strategy of embedding links to other parts of your website in each article.

A deep link is different because it allows a reader to jump directly to a particular page that answers a question. This helps reads to navigate your website with easy.

If you do this using affiliate pages, them you also have affiliate linking. This strategy can help you not only in affiliate sales, but to improve your site structure.

Affiliate Links as Part of Content

Traditional advertisements are already recognized to Google as ads. But when affiliate links are deep links, Google sees them as part of the content of the page. This is a big advantage when create SEO pages.

Creating deep links allows these links to be bypassed as advertising. In the end, it will appear to be part of the content, which is linking to another page inside the site.

They are called deep links because they take you deeper into a website. This give users a better experience than just linking to the top (home) page.

Benefits of Deep Linking

The benefit of deep linking is that Google will index these connections as part of your page, giving you better link juice.

It is also possible that Google will pull up your page when someone searches for the product. This is a great method to get additional traffic.

Articles with affiliate marketing links tend to have deep links in them. When Google sees that you content is integrated, it will award these links and rank them higher.

Reducing Bounce Rate

Deep linking can also reduce your bounce rate. The result is an increase in your page views and subscribers.

Creating deep links is better for your readers because it means they get to the page they want quickly. Deep linking can also increase your page’s entire authority, something you want.

The use of deep linking can help pages that might be hidden. Such pages would otherwise not be indexed by Google. Instead, this will help to get them indexed.

As you see, since many affiliate marketing links are deep linking, adding affiliate marketing to your website is highly beneficial. Not only this will help to monetize your web site, but will also increase your visibility and traffic.

Write With SEO In Mind

Contrary to popular belief, placing affiliate links into your site is a great strategy for content development. But if Google doesn’t find your articles and your traffic is not growing organically, then people will not be able to find them.

Once you write an article, it’s up and out there on the web. You don’t have to do anything else to it.  But if you write with SEO optimization in mind then you don’t have to go back and make any change in the article later for Google to find it.

Remember, when you write good high quality content, in time, Google will take notice. The algorithms will reward good content with higher rankings.

Connecting the Deep Web with Deep Links

One of the main used of deep linking is to bridge web pages in the Internet with apps that are commonly used. You can create connection between web pages and other internet protocols such as email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

When doing this connection, deep links in the web can be used to shape the experience of users. They can use the deep links to create customized view of particular apps.

Examples of situations where this can be use are:

  • Onboarding new users to an app.
  • Directing users to a particular screen.
  • Explaining the functionality of a particular area of an application (help pages).

This can also be used by web marketers who want to introduce their customers to a particular app of feature.

One particular area that benefits from deep linking is in re-engagement campaigns. This can be done with certain popular marketing techniques, such as coupons, promo codes, and other methods.

Deep Linking and the Appstore

person in orange long sleeve shirt writing on white paperThe use of deep links is not exclusive to websites. You can also create deep links for other types of contents, such as app and games.

For example, if you’re promoting an app, you can create links that will take users to specific screens. The information they want can be quickly accessed if you use the right link.

The best thing about deep linking to apps in the App Store is that they work even when the app hasn’t been installed.

This is possible because the iOS and Android systems are able to take a deep link and resolve it to the application.

When a user clicks on such a link, the iOS will take the user to the App Store, where they will be able to download the application. Then, they’ll be able to access the data or content directly.

Depend on the app, this can be a directly link to a game screen, or a particular product you want to promote.


To summarize, try to do SEO keywords research in order to determine the content of your posts. With this research, the same keywords can be used when you are searching for advertisers and affiliate products.

You need to use these keywords when looking for products to promote in the affiliate networks. Doing this will help you to find better products, which in the end will give your site more credibility.