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Do people make money on youtube?

A big question for each person that tries to make money on the web is: can we use youtube to make money? How to do so, them?

The answer is simple and direct: a lot of people are using youtube to make a lot of money. Many of them are create true fortunes by selling all kinds of products through youtube.

In the beginning, youtube was just a time waste for most of the people involved: spending hours watching movies is not the best way to use your time.

However, nowadays there are many great ways to make a lot of money from youtube:

1) First, you can create product reviews in that site. You can show how a product works, and many people will use your link to buy the product. It is a way to provide an important service, and at the same time make some money from the product review;

2) create a video talking about your own product. If you have a product such as a book, or service, use youtube to get the word out about it. You will find many like-minded people that will enjoy your efforts and visit your web site or affiliate link.

As you see, youtube may be a gold mine if you use it to achieve your goals.

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