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Success is a Personal Decision

As you embark in your business adventure, it is always important to understand that success is not dictated by the outside world. Even if you are not “lucky”, there is a lot that you can do personally to increase success.

First, success is a long term result, not short term. You can start from a bad situation in life, without money or important friends, but you can always find a way improve your current condition. This is the result of personal effort and self improvement.

Don’t think that success is dependent on something else. Even people that were born rich can lose everything and become a failure. It is possible for you to achieve what you desire, if you put your mind and your heart into your business and your passion.

The second thing you need to question is the idea that other people dictate what is success. What is successful or not should be decided by you, since you’re the main person that will benefit from personal success. When others try to decide what is good for you, then you have an internal conflict. The worst possible outcome in life is to be viewed as a success by others while feeling that you’re a failure yourself.

As a result, you need to understand that success is personal and long term. If you’re successful or not, that is above else a personal decision. Some people chose to be unsuccessful, and end up being a failure because they decide it. Moreover, there are millions of different ways to be successful in your own terms: you just need to find something that works for you and continue doing it.

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