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Making Money, not Excuses

Some people think that the economy is a driving force in how much they make money. When they watch the news, they immediately think to themselves: this is a bad economy, and there is no way that I can start a business in such an environment.

If you think like this, I want to explain in a few words why this is completely wrong.

Why Looking at the Economy is Wrong

The economy is the aggregate of activities of the national and international markets. When we are talking about the economy, we are talking not about the behavior of a specific person, but of the whole economy.

If you look at the whole of the economy, there will be people doing well, and some other people doing poorly. For example, auto makers and banks have been severely hit by this recession. Other areas of the economy, such as tech (think of Twitter and Apple) have been barely scratched, and continue to make money as always.

The problem of looking at the general economy and thinking that it applies to you, is that you are trying to look like the averages, not like the whole person that you are.

People are not economies

Human beings evolve during their lives. When you were a baby you didn’t make any money. However, as you get older, your capacity of generating income only increases.

It is a general law of nature that live grows. Until an organism dies (which is the inevitable end), it thrives every day. So it is with us. We have every day the opportunity to thrive more and more.

The economy has cycles, but there is nothing that says that you cannot make more money every day, even in a down economy. You just need to be better than the average, and many of us are pretty good to be considered average.

So, stop making the “economy is bad” type of excuse, and start making money today. One method I recommend you to check is the Maverick Money Makers. This is a proven course that is helping lots of people to make a lot of money. Let me know what you think.

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